Netscape Accelerated Internet Service, now offers dial-up that is up to 19x faster* than a regular dial-up connection! That means faster Web browsing without a high-speed connection. Plus, Netscape is less than the price of cable or DSL high-speed. We’re right across the country so you are never out of touch even when you are away from home.


Sign up and receive:
  • Web surfing up to 19x faster* than regular dial-up
  • Unlimited monthly Internet and e-mail usage
  • E-mail spam filtering and FREE pop-up ad blocking
  • Reliable local access and free roaming across Canada
  • 2 mailboxes with 50 MB of e-mail storage and webmail access
  • 8 e-mail addresses
  • Free customer support, 9am EST to 12am EST, 7 days a week